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Web Support Group

New support group for Agile-Spain websites

About a year ago, several members of the Agile community-Spain we come together to renew the website of the community, seeking to make it a useful tool for people who make this community that would allow better communication and provide a space for all local groups.

We are pleased to announce that today we opened the web support group for Agile-Spain. After launching the initiative in the mailing list, on March 20th, we met Juanma Gomez, Mario Nunes, Rafael Viveiros and Jaume Jornet to found the group that has joined Alberto Alonso and start supporting the community.

If you have any question or issue with any of the websites under agile-spain domain, or you want to include or create your domain in the, you can contact us via e-mail [email protected]

Thanks to all!

First initiative: to collect ideas and suggestions from the community

The first initiative we have decided to pull forward from the web support group, it is precisely to establish a communication channel in which all community members can contribute ideas, suggestions, proposals for improvement, etc, whatever you can think to do that can get us all to the ultimate goal, making the sites of the community in a useful contribution we value.

That’s why, in order to provide the greatest possible value to the community, we have created There you can contribute with your ideas, anything that comes to mind. With these ideas we will prepare together a backlog to work on each and every one of them.

Help us with your idea or voting to those that seem most interesting!

This is not necessary that you register, even if you do it will be much easier obtain feedback about it and give the way you want. Our intention is that this will be a stable channel to help us develop and maintain a living backlog in regard to the websites of agile-spain.

For those who do not know uservoice, it’s a service that allows users to contribute ideas and vote for them, both our own and that of others. Our intention is to collect as much feedback as possible face to start new initiatives, and that these arise from the community and we can create together.

Thanks for your help!

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