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AOS 2012

Agile Open Spain 2012 is one of the two major annual events of the Agile Community. It follows the format of an Open Space (you don’t know what it is? See here).

If we are right in the accounts, this year celebrating the fourth Open Space hoping to convene at least as many people as the previous ones. Will be the next June 23th in Zaragoza, and the topics will depend, as always, of our interests. Have a topic you want to share, from which you want to learn, have questions, experience, game, certainly, kata …? This is your place.

We hope to bring together developers, designers, coaches, managers, scrum masters, customers (Customers? we’ll try) … Anyone interested in entering the world of agile, or learn more from those around them.

For questions, you can find all information on the AOS2012 website, you can write [email protected], or tweets in @aos_2012

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