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Agile-Spain is an association committed to Agile and Agile software development. We strongly believe in this approach and its benefits and that is why we want to improve the knowledge of agility in Spain and extend its use among businesses and professionals.

Agile-Spain consists of a board of directors of 13 people and has over 600 members registered in their forum.

The aims of the association are:

  1. Promote and disseminate the use of agile methodologies in Spanish companies, research centers and universities.
  2. Promote research and development on these methodologies, especially in software development and consulting, to contribute to both business and members knowledge and experience growth.
  3. Create synergies among members by sharing knowledge and experience.
  4. Serve as a platform for projects in cooperation between partners.

To do these goals, the association, in collaboration with other organizations and companies, organizes events for its members and, in general, industry information technology and technology consulting, with the objective of exchanging experiences on agile methodologies, network with other professionals and discuss the latest trends in hand of the most representative national and international scene.

Some examples of events that we organized are: face meetings of local groups in different Spanish cities, seminars, conferences, open spaces, programming challenges, and so on. The national events are bringing together more than 300 people (the capacity has been increased in accordance with the budget available). These events would highlight the following:

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