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As you know, at the time the Association was formed Agile-Spain to have a legal identity that would organize all possible national events (the CAS and AOS), and take charge of invoices, payments and liabilities, and somehow ensure continuity of Agile-Spain in times of low turnout.
Two years has been shown that the «community» Agile-Spain goes much further than the Association itself, and we are all witnessing and participating in a number of activities and events that we can not but congratulate and congratulate them all.
From the board of the Association that we have outstanding long process of opening to make Agile Association-Spain a more efficient engine of its objectives. We think the initial meeting has run its course, and it is healthy that will be renewed so that the Association will find their own way, as representative as possible of the sense of the Community.
We want to announce the opening of a period so that those interested can join and so become more involved in the management of the Association. The first responsibility of this new mass of partners will be the election of a new Board to relieve the initial one.

Although the statutes

foundations can be found here (

Agile-Spain Association

Founding objectives of the Association Agile-Spain are:

1. Promote and disseminate the use of Agile methodologies in Spanish companies, research centers and universities.
2. Encourage research and development on these methodologies, especially in software development and consulting to help business and personal growth of its members.
3. Create synergies among members by sharing knowledge and experience.
4. Serve as a platform for projects in cooperation between partners.
You see goals are fairly generic, so we offer something more «earthly» below.

What does and what the Association wants to Agile-Spain today?

  • be the depository for the mailing list, domains, and the brand «agile-spain» as well as minimally necessary infrastructure to support the community.
  • exercise of legal entity responsible for:
    • Invoicing (tickets, sponsorships, …)
    • Contract and payment of services (local events, advertising, servers, catering, speakers’ fees …)
    • Declaration and payment of taxes and duties
  • promote the organization of courses, conferences, events, and generally spreading práctivas all those emanating from the values ​​of the Agile Manifesto.
  • Organize (or support) at least one fixed number of annual events to ensure business continuity and broadcast around the agile methodologies in Spain.
  • Make conductive element between the teams of the various conference organizers to ensure the transfer of knowledge and have all the necessary means.
  • Support

  • their chances (economic, media, representation, …) to organizers of events that align with the objectives of the Association.
    • Fund lost sponsorship of other events related to agility (eg, activities of local communities).
    • Prepaid expenses upcoming national events (such as the Conference or Open Space).
  • Provide complete transparency to its members regarding accounts, actions, motivations, etc.. We want to be an enhancer element of the surroundings, not compete with it.

What is NOT intended to Agile-Spain Association

  • Log in competition with developers, trainers, consultants, speakers. Agile-Spain does not offer services to business or seeks to do. As much intended that more and more and better opportunities to hire such services in Spain, and ensure a forum for discussion of practices and principles to help improve all professionals.
  • Generate profit of any kind. All funds raised by the Association to revert to their targets directly, funding events and activities organized by the Association, or supporting others.
  • secure the representation of the «Community Agile» in Spain. As much Agile-Spain will be the voice of its members, and only if they see fit could take public stand on issues where their position may be of interest.

Why should you want to associate

  • To be an active part of the activities of support from the Association, to help manage resources, be more involved part of the association and participate in a support platform for the Community.
  • To elect the Board that coordinates the daily life of the association, or better still be an elected member of the same.

Is there any additional benefits from being associated?

  • The principal is involved in decision-making, supporting events, training, participation and promotion of improvements in our profession from the perspective of agile principles.
  • annual payment it’s any pre-registration for the conference Agile-Spain, so your place is guaranteed initially (and that serves the Association to more accurately dimensioning the event from the beginning). payment association is discounted * entirely * of the Agile Conference Registration-Spain annually, so you get back everything if you go .
  • Discount courses or events organized by Agile Spain where there is an admission fee.
  • There may be other benefits to interesting, it’s all talk!

How do I join?

How do I become part of the Board

  • open the association, shall call an election. The idea is to facilitate maximum participation (remote voting, e) so as to ensure that all voices are heard. The current approach of the statutes is that every two years, renew the key positions (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary) and half of the members (to facilitate continuity).
  • Animate participates. The Board is a legal device necessary for the governance, roles and continuity, but their main responsibility is to act in the interests of the agile community, following the founding objectives.


We love to hear your questions and proposals. The intention is that the Agile-Spain Association is an independent vehicle to assist the Community Development agile, and for that we need everyone’s ideas.

You can use the mailing list agile-spain or write to